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Jennifer Youssef, massage therapist
Phone: 810 252-6354

I will go to your home, workplace, and sporting and special events.

Services & Prices

Table and chair massage
Reflexology/foot massage
Neck and shoulder massage
Gift certificates

For all services:
15 minutes - $25
45 minutes - $45
60 minutes - $65
90 minutes - $85

Knead to Relax

Host a group or party and receive a discount!

Hello and thank you for checking out my web site. I'm Jennifer Youssef. I established my therapeutic massage business, Knead to Relax, because I want to help people suffering from aches, pains, anxiety and other ailments stemming from injuries, illnesses and stress. Everyone is under a great deal of pressure these days and whether we realize or not, our daily worries and activities put an enormous amount of stress on the body, mind and, subsequently, your quality of life.

Massage and energy work loosen up the muscles, disengage toxins in the body, quiet an overactive mind and bring about a sense of peace so you can fully enjoy life again and be at your best every day. So if you're tired of being tired, in pain or just want some peace, please contact me to see if I can help you because we all Knead to Relax.

Knead-to-Relax is a proud member of the Michigan Business & Professional Association and the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals

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